Gurusmruthi Kala Kendra

Imparting Wisdom & Excellence in Carnatic Classical Music

Working with dedication towards educating and training versatile and resourceful musicians for the skills they need in this everlasting journey

About GSKK

The primary objective of GSKK ® is to train students to become exceptional artists and hone their skills

Guru Smruthi means 'Tribute to Wisdom'

Every student possesses a possibility of a potential miracle. We consider it as our deepest commitment to explore that possibility to expand, educate and open the door to the joyful learning of music. We believe that learning music elevates the soul and strengthens the skills that can help you for life.

'LAYA SOURABHA', a percussion ensemble, is an integral part of G.S.K.K. They have been giving stage performances at several prestigious venues.

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Courses Offered

The courses offered at GSKK, not only creates outstanding musicians but also teach the value of these artforms


The main percussion for the Carnatic form of music. Mainly used to accompany the forms of music

Vid. P Sreenivas Murthy


The violin has become an integral part in any classical Carnatic music for its unique tonal characteristics

Vid. Savithri Sreenivas


World's oldest and richest musical traditions, originating from plains of the Cauvery and flourishing through

Vid. Rama Murthy


A bamboo instrument discussed as an important musical instrument in the Natya Shastra, a classic

Vid. Madhura K.V
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See what other musicians have to say about GSKK

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Vid. Vasudeva Rao

With the efforts and knowledge gained during three decades of experience, in the percussion field of Carnatic Music, my disciple Vid P. Sreenivas Murthy has established an organisation and with dedication is leading it successfully which includes activities related to carnatic classical music. I’m proud he is one among my best desciples. I wish him good success in all his future endeavours

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Vid. Anoor Ananthakrishna Sharma

I have known Sreenivas Murthy for over three decades now. Having learnt under guru Vid. Vasudeva Rao, he continued mastering the artform of Carnatic Music and percussion under my guidance for a short time too. Having done this for over several years, he has sculpted his own way around the art of percussion. What he has been doing with GSKK and the way he is encouraging his disciples towards mastering this wonderful art, is something really commendable.

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Vid. Smt. T. M. Vasantha Madhavi

Though the institution was formally registered in 2009, Sreenivas Murthy and Savithri, having adopted music as their profession, celebrating Aaradhana every year, as per our culture. After Guru Smruthi Kala Kendra was established, the celebrations took a broader dimension, honouring senior musicians of the field, providing platform for upcoming youngsters – both local and deserving young musicians from various parts of theState, arranging quarterly programs and other such activities.

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Vid. Sukanya Ramgopal

Sreenivas Murthy is a good Mridangam artist. He also learnt and practiced Ghatam for sometime and has accompanied many of the renowned artists of the State. He started Guru Smruthi Kala Kendra and trained many students in Mridangam, Ghatam, Khanjira, Morcing and Konnakol. His students participated in 'Nada Pravaaha' which was a grand celebration of the Ghatam Maestro Padmabhushan Vid. Sri Vikku Vinayakram sir's 75th birthday.

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Vid. H. S Venugopal

Guru Smruthi Kala Kendra is a renowned institution for Carnatic Classical Music. Vid P. Sreenivas Murthy is not only a great percussion artist, but also what he has been doing at GSKK is exemplary. He has been running the music school for over two decades now and what's come out from that is nothing short of outstanding. He is an excellent guru completely dedicated towards the teachings of the artform.

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Vid. D. V. Nagarajan

In the service of music, Sri Srinivas Murthy’s family members are active participants. His wife Savithri Srinivas is not only an excellent violinist, but also is training many students. Vocal, Flute, Veena experts are available in their family. It is praiseworthy that they recognize and felicitate seniors who have contributed to the field of Sangeetha and Sahitya. I wish success such organizations that strive for a healthy society and make the music field rich.

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